TIX to represent Norway in The Eurovison Song Contest

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With the song Fallen Angel, TIX will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 .

There are many different opinions about TIX, or Andreas Haukeland (27) which is his actual name. He is used to millions listening to his songs, but still, participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is something completely different.

Perhaps he is best known for his explicit lyrics, and his music is said to be above average vulgar. He has also received criticism for the way he portrays girls, in many of his lyrics. Still, you can’t hide the fact that his songs did hit the planned audience, and they all fit pretty well into the setting they were intended for. Still, the thousand-dollar question is how an artist, who is regularly slaughtered by the critics, still manages to top the charts time and time again.

Representing Norway in Rotterdam

February 20, it became clear that TIX and the song “Fallen Angel” will be representing Norway in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in Rotterdam. The song, which originally was called “Ut av mørket” was written, and intended to be performed in Norwegian. Just ahead of the final, TIX decided he to rewrite the lyrics ending up performing in the nationals finals with an English version instead.

To the Norwegian tv-channel, Tv2, TIX previously explained the meaning of the lyrics:

It’s about two angels. The beauty and the Beast. It’s about the fact that I can’t expect someone, who is as perfect as you, to ever settle, for someone like me!

From the second TIX entered the Norwegian national finals, he has been constantly dealing with massive criticism, from Norwegian critics. The artist has painfully experienced the critics’ sharp pencils, or deadly keyboards, if you prefer. Several of the dices showed only one simple black dot. The biggest shock, however, for many Norwegians was probably that the contribution that was slaughtered the hardest, was the same contribution to win the contest. It simply did not seem that anyone had anticipated the broad support TIX actually had, among the Norwegian people.

The message surpasses the song

If there is one thing the Norwegian artist, TIX, has managed to prove, it is that one should be careful about putting people into boxes. You never know what they carry in their baggage, or what drives them. Profiled people are also individuals, with feelings and thoughts. They may also cry, and feel alienated.

In a year that has been quite challenging, where the whole world has experienced lockdowns, closed borders, social distancing and infection control measures, far more people have felt left out, loneliness and depression. Mental health has always been kind of a taboo, especially when it comes to men’s mental health. There are still no exact figures on the consequences of mental health problems, in connection with the pandemic. But it is well known that there has been an increase in cases of anxiety, depression and suicide.

Experiencing the openness of a public figure and artist like TIX, who appeals to such a large group of young Norwegians, talking about his own challenges, suicidal thoughts and feelings of exclusion, brings hope to a far greater openness about mental health issues, in general. It might even, to a certain extent, be dangerous to underestimate the importance of a highly respected artist’s openness, revolving difficult topics. For a fan to see their role-model being open, about issues most people consider a taboo, appearing vulnerable, emotional and seemingly okay to talk about mental health-issues, might contribute to making it acceptable and safe to open up more about own challenges, and problems.

Thus, Norway may not send the best musical contribution to Rotterdam, in all probability we might send the most important, and strongest message.

Best wishes to TIX.

Have a safe trip to Rotterdam, and may the best contribution win.

Best of luck

– Lykke til!

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