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Powfu | Biography

Quick Facts:

  • Birth nameIsaiah Faber
  • BornMarch 31, 1999
  • OriginVancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Powfu is a Canadian musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. The majority of his music contains themes of melancholic heartbreak and somber relationships. Since releasing his first song, “Pocket Change”, to SoundCloud in February 2017, Powfu has amassed over 5 million plays throughout all of his platforms. The top-charting song being “I Could Never Be Loved” with over 1 million plays to date. Powfu is known for his somber and lo-fi type music with releases like “Death Bed”, “Breakfast With the Moon” and “I Could Never Be Loved”.

Death Bed

In 2017, the filipino-british artist beabadoobee released a sweet, acoustic ballad called “Coffee“. Two years later the producer Otterpop sampled the “Coffee” hook into a beat, before the Canadian artist, Powfu, sang and rapped over the beat. Powfu’s iteration of “Coffee“, titled “death bed” is gracefully melancholic, and was released last February.

Powfu describes his music as alternative punk lo-fi hip-hop. It’s quite obvious that each of these elements influences his sound, from songs like “Her Ocean Eyes“, which is reminiscent of the punk hip-hop combination of Twenty One Pilots, to tracks like “I can’t sleep“, in which Powfu both raps and sings over a supporting lo-fi beat.


Powfu isn’t perfect nor does he pretend to have all the answers. In his debut breakout hit, the beabadoobee-assisted “death bed (coffee for your head)“, the 21-year-old Vancouver artist grapples with mortality with a naive, yet vulnerable candor. It is little surprise that the sentiment resonated with so many, soon becoming an international hit thanks to TikTok and a career-defining moment for the home-produced artist.

Upon its original Soundcloud release last February, “death bed” gained traction on both Soundcloud and can count more than 27 million plays on YouTube.

TikTok soon caught up with this viral phenomenon, and to date over 958,900 TikToks have been made with Powfu’s song. All from sentimental videos about relationships and family, to videos where the person filming confesses his or her feelings for a friend as the reaction gets captured on video.

Since the one was released to streaming-platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, “death bed” has garnered over 20.8 million streams on Spotify, alone.

Today’s technological landscape has allowed Powfu, who has been releasing music consistently since 2018, to invite millions of listeners into his world. The popularity of “death bed” has awarded Powfu substantial, continued exposure for his versatile, sad-boy sound.


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