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Alan Walker | Biography

Quick Facts:

  • Birth nameAlan Olav Walker
  • Born24 August 1997 
  • Origin: Bergen, Norway

Alan Walker is a Norwegian-British music producer, and disc jockey. He shot to fame with his single track, “Faded“. The song was applauded by music lovers all over the world, and it received platinum certification in more than ten countries. Walker was fascinated about computer programming, and graphic designing quite early in life. He became interested in music production, after listening to the music composers, such as David Whistle, and Hans Zimmer. Walker had no formal training in music composing. He learned music production by listening to the tutorial videos on “YouTube“.

Following the success of “Faded”, Walker composed many other tracks such as the “Spectre“, “Alone”, and “Sing Me to Sleep”. Alan Walker had a humble beginning as a music producer. He started music production on his laptop, using the “FL Studio”. He gives live performances on stage. Walker is known for his unique way of dressing too. In his shows, Walker makes his appearance wearing a hoodie, and a mask covering half of his face. He is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Heading Home

Heading Home” actually had its live premiere back in 2016 when Walker performed it LIVE at X-Games Norway. Since then a lot of his loyal fans has seen it as a favorite. This might be one of the reasons to why a great anticipation towards the songs commercial release, four years later. With the contribution of the Norwegian rising star Ruben, on vocals, the relaxed track was already considered a hit before it even hit the radio. As the new release is more modern than the original version, which a lot of fans originally fell in love with, Walker has decided to release the original demo version from 2016, aptly titled, “heading_home_demo2016.wav”.

New Pop Sound

As the demo was premiered only shortly after the release of  ”Faded”, you can definitely hear a strong influence, noticeably through Walker’s signature filtered super-saw sound.

The track opens with a beautiful guitar melody, introducing Ruben’s rustic vocals shortly afterwards. Walker brings in a rhythmic percussion section, which leads into a striped down breakdown, only to build the track back into relaxed, but catchy drop. The release leans towards Walker’s new pop sound, making it a sure radio hit, although, many of the elements of the original demo can still be found in the commercial release, such as the guitar melody, vocals, and a high-pitched synth melody in the drop reminiscent of the original.

Alan Walker himself explains the story behind the single, saying:

Right after releasing ‘Faded’ in 2015, I started this demo project called “Heading Home”. I performed it live once, but I’ve been working on several edits ever since, and never actually released it. Just based on that live performance, it soon became a fan favorite among Walkers. They’ve kept requesting for it to be released, so it’s great to finally get it out. I also want to give a little treat to those Walkers who have been asking for this song for years now, which is why I’m releasing the original demo as well!

The release of “Heading Home” marks the final chapter in the “World of Walker” trilogy, which began with, “On My Way (ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko)” and “Alone Pt II (ft. Ava Max)“. Fingers crossed this doesn’t mean we won’t have any new music from Walker in the near future.


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