Kristiansand [Kristiansand]

Event info
Date: 02/07/2021
Location: Kristiansand
Address: Skippergata 8, Bystranda Kristiansand

July 2 – July 3, 2021:

The Palmesus festival is a summer party on the city beach in Kristiansand.

In the land of polar bears, cross-country skiing, heavy snowfall and utter darkness throughout the annual, grueling six-month long winters, the last thing you would expect on these shores is a sweaty beach party. Contrary to these pre-conceptions, however, there is one glorious exception in the southernmost city of Kristiansand, which is Norways No.1 summer destination for frozen Scandinavians looking for some tropical vibes. Graced by Mother Nature gulf stream and pleasant 25 degree celsius summer months, it is the perfect place to host Scandinavian biggest beach party.

During the first whole weekend of July, the city comes to life with some 30,000 sun-craving people traveling from across the entire country for the craziest party in Europe.

In conventional music events, festivals and concerts, it is all about the artists. Although Palmesus always book top-shelf talent, the three things that the entire magical experience is famous for are: party, party, party. If you have ever been fortunate (or unfortunate, entirely reliant on the occasion, of course) to meet a thirsty Norwegian at parties across Europe, you will know just how much this country loves a jovial night out. At Palmesus you will get an unforgettable weekend of pure hedonism, with everything that life has to offer.

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