Real heroes don’t wear capes

Written by on March 5, 2019

Keeping pets is something that goes way back in time, and without a doubt, it’s also played an important part in the human evolution. 

We take animal to us, we love them and are given love in return. But the affection we feel for our pets, do we also feel that for other animals as well?

Most pet-owners would most likely do whatever they could to save their pet, if it needed to be saved. Would they also risk their own life, trying to save a animal that’s not their pet? 

Let’s say you found a cat laying on the side of the road, hurt, an most likely hit by a car, or you saw a stray dog swept away in a flood, would you stand on the side wondering if you should save it, or would you just pretend like you didn’t see anything at all?

Hopefully most people would choose the latter, stepping up to help an animal in need. For no other reason than, that It’s the only right thing to do! All lives are precious, even animal lives!


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