Moms can be heroes too!

Written by on March 5, 2019

«Coming out of the closet» is not a joke to those it concerns. Even though society are showing greater acceptance for gay’s, the personal fear of not being accepted by those close to you, makes it extremely difficult opening up about your own sexuality.

Matthew Christian is no exception. For months he had been trawling the internet looking for help to find a way to come out to his mother. He searched through Youtube to find videos of other people’s experiences, in addition to talking to his therapist and other teens he could rely on.

He has always considered his mom to be a loving and caring person, but so was the mothers of others he knew, who had disowned their own sons from their families, just for being gay. With this in mind, it was not making it easier to announce his sexuality.

But Matthew knew he was gay, and at 19, he could no longer keep it a secret. He needed to tell his mom! Finally all the months of preparing for the difficult talk, had made him ready to come out. Bu all fears aside, his mom…

Well, take a look…

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