Radio Nano was established in early 2015, with one goal in mind: Produce a interactive radio station, where our listeners will be able to easily take control over the music contents. The technicians at Radio Nano are still working on a solution, to give our listeners the ability to access our music library on-line, choosing their favorite songs and place them in a cue -directly in our automation software. In this way we make our listeners the music editors.

This gives our listeners an easy access to both music and the typical radio-content, which is why we say: «Radio Nano – We Simplify Music!»

Even though Radio Nano is a Norwegian radio station, we broadcast worldwide with our own stream, and we’re listed on some of the top internet radio directories, like «Tunein» «radio.net» and iTunes Radio.

Norway is actually one of the only countries in the world, to close down FM-broadcasting, and replace it with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). This change will take place throughout 2017, making Norway fully radio-digitalized. This change will force all radio-listeners to «go digital» and buy themselves a DAB-radio receiver, while the FM receivers are ready for the dump-site. But why settle for DAB alone, when the internet is way easier to access?

Not everyone has a DAB-radio receiver, but most of us do have a computer, mobile phone or a tablet in addition to an internet connection, at any given time or place. Most of us use the internet every day, streaming music contents from Spotify, Apple Music and so on. With this in mind, we thought «Why not start up an internet radio station, combining the good old fashion radio, with the streaming solutions»? «Pow» Radio Nano was born!


For an internet radio station, it’s obvious that a streaming solution is as important as an FM-transmitter is for an ordinary radio station. No stream, no sound! As simple as that. That is why we used quite some time searching for a streaming service provider, as we wanted to make sure our provider of choice was able to meet our high standards. We’re proud to say that we ended up by choosing one of the best (at least that is how we see it) streaming-providers «out there»: «Servercaster». They have a perfect solution fitting our high standards, with high quality streaming servers, providing us with nearly 100% «ON-time».

As our radio automation software, the «heart» of our station, we decided to go with RadioDJ. It suits us perfectly!

We would like to thank some of our contributors, for helping us “up and running”.









We Simplify Music

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