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Written by on 10/12/2017

Heroism surrounds us all, in everyday life. Not just on tv, in the movies or in our own imagination. I’m talking about everyday acts of heroism, the acts we seldom hear about. 

To most of us, heroism are connected to imaginary people, cartoons and characters, in possession of super-powers and abilities far from reality. But maybe it is time to embrace and recognize the real life heroes? The heroes that don’t get the publicity or recognition they deserve for their heroism?

At Radio Nano, we believe in REAL LIFE HEROES!

That is why would like to share with you, real life heroes caught on video. Videos just like this one, where a man risked his own life to save a wild rabbit, as it got dangerously close to flames.


Pulled over: This man jumped out of his car, risking his own life to save wild rabbit.

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